Kali Concrete Commercial

Another unique project that Kieran has developed was a promotional video for a Minnesota concrete company, Kali Concrete. This was an amazing opportunity to take part in because it was a completely new task to work on, and it allowed Kieran to work as a brand's literal voice and write based on the targeted demographic. 

Sharable link: https://youtu.be/UxvofJS6v9Y



Project Director - Blake Dungey                           Narrator - Troy Adamitis                                             Writer - Kieran Doherty

Axel Graphix Websites

Kieran has recently worked on developing the copy for both divisions of Axel Graphix; the commercial printing and motorsports division. To view the complete project, please visit axelgraphix.com

"Located in Minnesota, Axel Graphix is an adrenaline-fuelled commercial printer that specializes in a wide variety of graphic, signage, and branding solutions. Our services include Vehicle Wraps, Banners, Stickers, Event Branding, Graphic Design, Environmental Graphics, Business Signage and much more."


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Podcast Advertisements

As well as writing copy for several companies in written and video form, Kieran has also hosted a couple podcasts documenting his stories and experiences as he travelled Europe and touring the United States. Kieran writes all of his advertisements for the podcast, and has worked with several companies for the show. All creative direction for length was up to Kieran to determine, while still keeping a consistent tone and voice throughout all of them for the podcast. Audio files of a couple advertisements are listed below.